It looks like the PlayStation 4’s Bomberman-esque grid-based combat game, Basement Crawl is finally ready to blow up on the PlayStation Network, hitting Europe next week and the US sometime “soon.” Oh, and there’s finally a gameplay video to show off!

Originally listed to launch on the PlayStation 4 in the US this past Tuesday, Basement Crawl developer Bloober Team got out the word earlier this week that the supposed release date was apparently wrong. No new details were available until today, offering a solid release date for gamers on the other side of the pond and a pretty vague release date for those of us eagerly anticipating some four-player mayhem in the States.

In fact, Basement Crawl is “multiplayer-only,” according to Bloober’s latest press release, which touts a Jan. 29 European launch and, as stated above, a North America launch window of “soon.” The game, a gritty, grind-house-inspired battle romp available exclusively via the PlayStation Network, will boast a four-player couch versus mode, as well as eight-player online battles with lobbies drawing players from all over the world.

Basement Crawl is a strategic action game that focuses entirely on creating the first great multiplayer game on next-generation systems, whether played locally or via PlayStation Network,” reads the launch announcement. “With wildly creepy characters and blood-curdling environments, Basement Crawl combines the maze-based mayhem gamers have known and loved for years with high intensity action, explosive traps and potent competition.”

When the game launches in Europe, it’ll go for 9.99 Euros and 7.99 Pounds. The US price is set for 10 bucks. According to Bloober CEO Piotr Babieno, it’s the game’s strong emphasis on multiplayer combat, especially of the local variety, that makes Basement Crawl stand out from the pack.

Basement Crawl finally gives PlayStation 4 owners a reason to invite their friends over to show off their system—our amazing local multiplayer that is as addictive as it is competitive,” Babieno said. “Basement Crawl rewards skill and practice, which means a good player will never get cheated out of a win by someone who grinds with better gear. For any PS4 owner out there who is still looking for a really fun, truly unique multiplayer game for their system, Basement Crawl is it.”

And now for that promised gameplay trailer, highlighting Basement Crawl’s various features and “explosive action.” Yep…It looks an awful lot like Bomberman. And that’s not something I would ever consider a bad thing.

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