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Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Trailer Reveals The Game's Been Delayed

It's a bittersweet day for gamers waiting for Batman: Arkham Knight. They received a great new trailer featuring the Batmobile but it came with news of a delay.

When Batman: Arkham Knight was announced, Warner Bros. said that the game would be arriving this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Some retailers went a bit further, estimating an October launch. However, the end of today's trailer says Arkham Knight won't debut until 2015.

On the plus side, at least the Batmobile looks awesome. Batman: Arkham Knight's incarnation of the Dark Knight's ride is a heavily-armed warmachine. It comes equipped with the following weapons:

  • 60mm Cannon - Fires kinetic energy penetrators, effective against 820mm of steel armor
  • Vulcan Gun - Spits armor-piercing incendiary rounds at a high rate of fire. Designed for both anti-tank and surface-to-air.
  • Missile Launcher - Fires barrage of 2kg blast-fragmentation warheads guided by laser and GPS. Up to six hostiles can be targeted simultaneously.
  • Riot Suppressor - Flings slam rounds, made of a flexible polymer, at infantry targets. Immobilizes them with minimal long-term damage.

In sum, the Batmobile sounds like a machine that could kill scores of people with ease. That seems like an odd invention for Batman, given his rule against killing. Believe it or not, Batman manages to stick to that rule in Arkham Knight.

"The bad guys appear to have segregated themselves neatly into groups of weak, fleshy types on foot and heavily armored drones cruising about without the direct input of humans, and when Batman enters into combat he arms himself appropriately: High-impact armaments for mechanical foes, stun rounds for humans," explains Jeremy Parish in his preview at USGamer.

You can't even run over criminals. The edges of the Batmobile are lined with powerful tasers. Anyone who gets too close will be zapped and flung away.

In addition to giving Batman some extra firepower, the Batmobile also makes it easier for him to traverse Gotham. That's good news, because Arkham Knight's Gotham is five times the size of the prison in Arkham City

He won't have to backtrack to his car too often. It can be summoned with a push of a button. If needed, Batman can even remotely drive the vehicle.

Batman: Arkham Knight is said to end the Arkham series. Gotham has been taken over by Scarecrow, Two-Face and other long-time foes of Batman. A mysterious new foe, the Arkham Knight, is also prowling the city. Stopping them will require Batman to use his investigative skills, fists and arsenal of gadgets.

We'll see more of the Batmobile real soon. The trailer says that the vehicle's "Battle mode" will be shown off at E3 2014 next week.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.