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Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios have released a new behind-the-scenes video for Batman: Arkham Knight detailing a bit more of the game's story, the motivations behind some of the characters and the revelation that there are actors from Twilight and AMC's Breaking Bad voicing characters in the game.

Ashley Greene from the Twilight series voices Barbara Gordon, known as Oracle in Batman: Arkham Knight. She's confined to a wheelchair in the events of Arkham Knight, but the recently announced DLC for the game allows players to take on the role of Batgirl back when she had the use of her legs.

Oracle's role in the game is to help Batman on the technical end of things, working opposite of her father Commissioner Jim Gordon. Funnily enough, Jim doesn't know that Barbara is working with Batman and she's intent on keeping it that way.

Commissioner Gordon is voiced by none other than Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks, who is also known for having bit parts in many large and small television shows and movies alike, including a role in the unforgettable Steven Seagal film Undersiege 2, which most people would probably like to forget but can't.

Gordon seems to be doing all the typical Gordon stuff we've expected from the character over the years. I tend to doubt – based on what we've been shown from the promo material – that there's any sort of dark secrets Gordon is covering up like in Nolan's Dark Knight movies.

One of the more interesting casting choices is Fringe's John Noble as the Scarecrow. I always thought that Rocksteady's depiction of the master of fear was quite remarkable for the fact that they actually managed to make the Scarecrow look scary. That's not to mention that those hypodermic needles on that glove look absolutely frightening. Anyone suffering from trypanophobia are likely to freak out whenever the Scarecrow shows up on screen.

The one thing they make clear in this behind-the-scenes clip that wasn't readily made clear in previous clips is that all the villains are coming together to “expose” Batman not kill him. The previous trailers for Arkham Knight all seemed to point at the Arkham Knight being a sort of hitman out to kill Batman once and for all and the villains there to support him in that goal. However, here, the video makes it clear that the Scarecrow's goals are to expose Batman as a fraud, which is a far more clever and interesting plot twist, if not a bit cartoony.

Batman: Arkham Knight is shaping up to be a really big summer blockbuster in the world of gaming and a lot of gamers are desperately looking forward to the game's release. It's set to drop just after E3 so it'll be capitalizing on a whole lot of industry hype.

You can look for Batman: Arkham Knight to launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC come June 23rd, next month. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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