Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Season Pass Includes New Campaign, Skins

Today Warner Bros. laid out their plans for Batman: Arkham Origins's post-launch downloadable content. This DLC will be sold in bulk with a $19.99 Season Pass.

The Season Pass will unlock a set of challenge maps called "Initiation." In these maps, players take on the role of Bruce Wayne before he donned his cowl. He must complete a series of trials set forth by Kirigi, a master of ninjutsu. Judging from the screenshot, these challenges take place in and around Kirigi's mountaintop monastery.

Warner Bros. also promises an "all-new story campaign." They don't give any details about this campaign at all. It could be a prequel to Origins' plot or an epilogue chapter like Harley Quinn's Revenge in Arkham City. I'm sorta hoping for a side-story centered around another character such as Robin or Deathstroke.

Season Pass owners will have exclusive access to two new skins for Batman. The Gotham by Gaslight Batman skin is a steampunk incarnation of the Dark Knight which you may have seen in Infinite Crisis or the cancelled Day 1 Studios game. The other skin, Brightest Day, is inspired by a limited series of the same name. It imagines what Batman would look like if he was part of the White Lantern Corps.

WB is throwing in two larger skin packs as well. The Infinite Earth Skins Pack and New Millenium Skins Pack each contain four new costumes for Batman and one new costume for Robin based on alternate realities. The new Batman looks include Long Halloween Batman, Thrillkiller Batman, Earth 2 Batman, and Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table. Vampire Batman appears to be part of one of the bundles as well.

The Season Pass will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. Warner Bros. didn't say whether they'll be selling the DLC included with the Pass individually as well. However, it wouldn't make sense to claim that the $20 Pass is a $30 value if gamers didn't have the option to buy the content a la carte.

Arkham Origins is a prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Batman is a relatively inexperienced vigilante who has run afoul of Black Mask. The crime lord places a bounty on Batman and several assassins come to Gotham to collect. This game will show the Dark Knight's first run-ins with many villains in his rogues' gallery, including the Joker.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.