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Gaslight Batman Profiled In Infinite Crisis Trailer

The Steampunk version of Batman won't be headlining his own game anytime soon but he will be part of Infinite Crisis's cast. A new gameplay video shows how the Gotham by Gaslight incarnation of Batman handles himself in battle.

The Gaslight Batman is quite a bit different than Nightmare Batman. He has to rely on gadgets rather than physical strength. He's armed with sonic pistols that can lower enemy defenses and reveal them through the fog of war. He can also toss explosive shells that slow any nearby enemies.

Gaslight Batman is a ranged DPS like Green Lantern. He can pummel enemies from afar with sonic blasts and explosives but isn't so great in melee range. After unleashing his ranged attacks, he can make a getaway by slowing pursuers with his sonic shell or by swinging away with his grappling hook.

Infinite Crisis is a MOBA game in development at Turbine. Players will be able to control a wide range of DC super heroes and villains in team-based battles. These characters have distinct abilities that allow them to contribute to the fight in different ways. For example, Wonder Woman has strong defensive abilities that allow her to draw fire from her teammates.

Crisis, like other leading MOBA titles, will be free-to-play. Expect it later this year.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.