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Update: Yep, it's Firefly. Check out his new trailer through the link.

Warner Bros. is teasing another announcement related to Batman: Arkham Origins next week. They've released several teaser images over the past few days that seem to be hinting at another villain for the game.

Whoever this person is, he or she is heavily armed. The images seem to show body armor with a bandolier of grenades and tubes running along the side. Two later images show a reflective metal, perhaps another section of this armor.

WB also released a dossier from the Gotham City Police Department. Most of the significant details have been blacked out. "Theft from buildings" is the only visible entry under the list of the criminal's offenses.

"Alright, we'll tell you who this reveal does NOT pertain to... We're NOT revealing any feline related characters," WB tweeted. Not sure how helpful that hint really is. It didn't really look like Catwoman or Catman.

I agree with many fans who think it's Garfield Lynns, better known as Firefly. His primary weapon is a flamethrower, which would explain the tubes in that one image. He commonly wields grenades and other explosives. The sleek metal in the last two pictures could be the wings on his armor. Also, Firefly started out as a petty thief as the GCPD dossier indicates.

Firefly hasn't appeared in the Arkham series yet outside of Easter eggs. In Arkham City, we find out that he works with the crime lord Black Mask. Black Mask is a central character in Arkham Origins so it wouldn't be surprising to see Firefly, a known associate, also in the game. Maybe Lynns is one of the assassins trying to cash in on the bounty that Black Mask placed on Batman?

The previously confirmed assassins include Deathstroke, Deadshot and Copperhead. Firefly would be a great addition to that group because he has a very different set of weapons and tactics. It's easy to imagine that boss fight: Batman and Firefly squaring off in a burning building, perhaps, with Batman trying to sneak up on his foe and sever his flamethrower tubes with Batarangs.

WB will make their mystery announcement on Wednesday, August 21st. I expect a trailer or at least a few screenshots. Check back here to find out what exactly they were teasing.

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