Today Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment confirmed the release dates for Gotham City Impostors. The multiplayer shooter, which pits teams of Joker and Batman poseurs against each other, will be on sale starting on February 7th.

February 7th is when PC and North American PS3 owners will be able to get the game. If you're an Xbox 360 owner or a PS3 user outside North America, you'll need to wait until the 8th.

Impostors supports online battles of up to 12 players in maps and modes inspired by Batman. You can design your custom Bats or Jokerz gang member by selecting their costume, weapons, items and perks. Because you'll be duking it out in a comic book world, you'll have access to outlandish gadgets like freeze rays and explosive jack-in-the-boxes.

The game was designed by Monolith Productions. They're the studio behind F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever. Impostors is powered by an updated version of the proprietary LithTech engine seen in their other games.

Impostors is a download-only title. It will cost $15 (or 1200 MS Points) to purchase.

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