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Armored Kill, the upcoming expansion to Battlefield 3, features an all-new game mode called "Tank Superiority." Today DICE talked a bit more about this vehicle-centered game type and provided some screenshots.

"Tank Superiority" is supported by the four new maps added in Armored Kill. Up to 16 tanks will battle for control of a single control point. Groups of tanks capture the point and then move to less exposed positions to defend. Vehicle respawns are nearly instant so you don't need to run to the front. However, infantry will have some value here; Engineers' Javelins and Repair Kits will be key to victory, as will Recon soldier's SOFLAMs.

A new Tank Destroyer vehicle class will add some complexity to these vehicle battles. Tank Destroyers are agile, armored vehicles with firepower comparable to normal battle tanks. They're not as durable as standard tanks, though so constant movement is key to survival.

“With Tank Superiority I wanted to push tank-based gameplay to the extreme. This means there are a lot of new ideas to adapt to in this game mode," said lead designer Gustav Halling on the Battlefield Blog.

While driving a tank in BF3, it's very rare that you encounter a "fair fight." More often than not, you end up mopping the floor with infantry until an Engineer manages to flank you. Putting everyone on a level playing field by passing out tanks like candy should be an interesting test of everyone's vehicle combat skills.

Armored Kill will be available to the public in September. You can get it two weeks earlier than usual by purchasing Battlefield 3 Premium membership, though.

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