Expect more than just a press release when Battlefield 4 is announced next week. DICE released a short video today that states they'll unveil the game with a trailer.

The teaser video released through Vine shows close-ups of metal surfaces, presumably weapons or vehicles. The letter "4" then appears on screen. It's quickly followed by the motto "Prepare 4 Battle" and a date: "03.27." Screen captures from the video are below.

EA is planning to announce Battlefield 4 at a special event on March 26th at GDC. Presumably they'll show the trailer at said event. However, press might be under embargo not to publish it on their respective sites until the following morning.

Even though Battlefield 4 hasn't been announced yet, we already know a few key details. The game will take place in the modern day like BF3. The first image seems to suggest that Shanghai will be one of the settings. Players will be able to try out the game this fall when the multiplayer beta launches.

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