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Battlefield: Hardline Is Cops Vs. Crooks Shooter?

Alleged code from a new game called Battlefield: Hardline has leaked. If the evidence is to be believed, Hardline is going to take the series in a very unusual direction.

Typically Battlefield games are about two armies duking it out. The leaked data (via BFDaily) from Battlefield: Hardline, though, suggests that this game centers around criminals and law enforcement. One team is a bunch of thieves while the other takes on the role of the SWAT team trying to stop them.

Like other Battlefield titles, Hardline will let players outfit their characters with an assortment of weapons and equipment. The cops and crooks of this game will have access to military-grade technology like RPG's, grenades and fully automatic rifles. However, thief tools like blowtorches, grappling hooks and tasers are also part of the offering.

Players can use vehicles in battle, as well. You're not going to be riding around in tanks or jets, though. Instead, the vehicles are more for transportation rather than combat. In other words, you'll find yourself in car chases rather than vehicle battles. Armored cars, sports cars and utility helicopters are among the vehicles seen in the leaked image.

The game modes mentioned in the code include "Bloodmoney" and "Heist." The exact mechanics of these game types are unknown. It's easy to imagine what "Heist" is, though. Presumably the team of thieves tries to nab valuables and flee the scene while law enforcement attempts to stop them.

Battlefield 4's Commander Mode is also supposedly making a return. Commander Mode was one of the big new features of BF4 and a way for DICE to expand the experience to mobile devices so I'm not surprised to see it return. They'd have to adapt it somewhat to fit a cops vs. crooks theme, though. Neither side in this conflict has access to cruise missiles, after all.

The idea of an all-out war between criminals and law enforcement does raise questions. Is Battlefield: Hardline supposed to be set in the present day? Or is the game depicting some Robocop-like future in which street gangs and the police are basically unofficial armies?

It's weird to see the Battlefield name attached to such a premise. Still, Battlefield is an established franchise with a proven track record. Tacking that brand name on the front of the title makes it easier for the game to get attention.

While I question whether Hardline should really be called a Battlefield game, the little we know about this project intrigues me. It sounds like a large-scale, competitive version of Payday. There's a chance that this is just another weird summer hoax but I really hope it isn't. The idea has legs.

The code says that Battlefield: Hardline is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC. If Hardline really does exist, we could hear more about the game at EA's E3 press conference next month.

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