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That makes two videos now that get a “Must Buy” descriptor. The first was Watch Dogs and the second is now Beyond: Two Souls. So what makes the game must-buy? Well, we finally get to see some real gameplay and some contextual commentary to let us know how diverse the game really is.

IGN has two very detailed, uncensored, unscripted playthroughs of Beyond that features close to an hour of raw gameplay.

But that's not all. IGN did a dual playthrough of the game to showcase how the game differs based on play-styles and choices. Both videos offer different depictions of how the game unfolds based on player decisions that happen throughout the segments in the game, just like Quantic Dream's other titles such as Indigo Prophecy or more recently, Heavy Rain.

While there are some obvious quick-time event segments and the entire game is very cinematic heavy, one of the things that really makes the game feel so different and unique is how smoothly it transitions between playing as Ellen Page's Jody and the ghostly apparition, Aiden.

What's more is that there are multiple ways to play the game and multiple mechanics implemented. It's not all just point-and-click. There are times where players will take direct control of some segments, while at other times it's all based on contextual button presses. I was most impressed with the way the game has players doing some stealth moments and then partaking in what was described in the first video as some Full Throttle riding (stiff leaning controls and all).

The second video was a little more intriguing insofar that Ryan and Colin attempted to try things differently just to see how the whole segment plays out when not attempting to recreate moments from a Stallone or Bruce Willis flick.

Originally Beyond looked like a visually novel game but sparse on everything else. Then again, the official promo trailers aren't anything really worthwhile or noteworthy. The actual gameplay videos give the game a lot more depth and features gameplay that actually looks fun and diverse. As a gamer watching the footage, I was intrigued, curious and anxious to see more.

I think Quantic Dream has a real winner on their hands assuming they can hit the audience that needs to see the game for what it is. While some of the AAA titles look less than spectacular this fall, there are some that have really found a way to carve out their own identity, and I'm convinced Beyond is one of those games. Whether or not the entire game will be able to maintain the level of engagement as these two videos here is a whole other story, but it looks good nonetheless.

Beyond: Two Souls is set for release on October 8th, exclusively for the PS3. Hopefully more companies will showcase longer playthroughs like the videos here, as it really makes some games look more promising than their by-the-books marketing trailers.

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