Quantic Dream and Sony have released a new trailer for Beyond: Two Souls, showing the behind-the-scenes production and design properties while also showcasing a few more gameplay elements, including a look at some of the wilder sides of Ellen Page's character.

The three-minute clip manages to give us a brief glimpse at military Ellen, bum Ellen, classy Ellen, normal Ellen and even a goth Ellen. There's definitely no lack of diversity in this game, that's for sure.

The developer diary seems to move at a quick pace and rolls through some of the ideas they've had for the game as well as how they managed to capture David Cage's written vision and expand it from the script pages to actual, interactive gameplay.

One of the other neat things about this title is that they focus heavily on visual cues rather than on-screen prompts. Of course, there will still be times where obvious conversation choices are presented to you on-screen, but for the most part everything is designed to keep the flow of the game moving at a steady pace.

I've been waiting for more games to take on The Getaway's hud-less gameplay mechanics, but they only seem to come every once in a while and very far and few between. I'm definitely interested in seeing how the fighting mechanics, specifically, work with Beyond because we've only briefly seen how they work in some previous videos. But not having screen prompts and using the controller to fight off multiple opponents makes me question if it's going to be similar to Sleeping Dogs or if it will be like the free-mode in Dance Dance Revolution where it doesn't matter what you press just as long as you press it at the right time?

Anyway, those above questions will likely be answered with new trailers or more developer diaries. For now, the game is scheduled to release on October 8th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and just ahead of all the big AAA exclusives and third-party games for the next-gen consoles. That's a smart move by Sony and Quantic Dream.

Also, according to Gamespot [via Polygon], Beyond: Two Souls will clock in at around the 10 hour mark. So it's just a little bit shorter than most typical 20-hour AAA blockbusters, but a couple of hours longer than typical Hollywood movies. Fair balance, right?

If Beyond has your fancy tickled, you can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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