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GameStop won't be offering bonus DLC with BioShock Infinite pre-orders. Instead, they'll be giving out access to a Flash-based puzzle game called BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution.

Industrial stars a factory worker in the sky-city of Columbia, the central setting of Infinite. Players will have to solve a series of "industrial puzzles." There are over 50 levels in the game in total.

Playing the game will allow you to earn items for BioShock Infinite. There's no mention of what these items will be. Industrial apparently lets you choose between supporting the Vox Populi or The Founders, the two warring factions in Columbia. Perhaps your choice of faction will determine what your rewards are.

The puzzle game was outed by a GameStop sign (via NeoGAF). It's possible that retailers in other countries will offer it as well, but there's been no official announcement either way by 2K Games.