Mass Effect 3's ending has been the subject of much debate over the past week. Today BioWare acknowledged that they're listening to fan's opinions and will be responding to the criticism soon.

"We appreciate everyone’s feedback about Mass Effect 3 and want you to know that we are listening," BioWare's Chris Priestly said on the company forums. "Active discussions about the ending are more than welcome here, and the team will be reviewing it for feedback and responding when we can. Please note, we want to give people time to experience the game so while we can’t get into specifics right now, we will be able to address some of your questions once more people have had time to complete the game. In the meantime, we’d like to ask that you keep the non-spoiler areas of our forums and our social media channels spoiler free."

"We understand there is a lot of debate on the Mass Effect 3 ending and we will be more than happy to engage in healthy discussions once more people get to experience the game. We are listening to all of your feedback."

ME3 executive producer Casey Hudson said earlier this week that they wanted to make sure that the game wasn't forgettable. They're happy that the ending is a bit polarizing and leaves some room for debate and speculation. Like Priestly, he said that BioWare is listening to fans' reactions.

If you're curious about how BioWare decided on ME3's ending, you might want to check out an iPad app called The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3. It's a behind-the-scenes look at the game that supposedly contains the team's brainstorming notes about the ending.

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