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Bioware's Mike Gamble, the producer for the Mass Effect series, has taken to Twitter to announce that the company is holding a short survey to determine how they should proceed with the next game in the series.

We don't know a whole lot about Mass Effect 4, but Bioware obviously wants to expand on the game's universe and possibilities centered around the titular series. The company's producer sent out a very simple tweet on Twitter yesterday evening, posting the following message:

If you click through the link and follow it through to the Survey Monkey page, where it asks users a series of questions about playing habits and other games that users may have played or liked. The list contains notable AAA games like Fallout, Saints Row, World of Warcraft, Diablo and Far Cry, just to name a few.

The survey also asks about games that players recently played, including games played within the last two weeks. The rest of the survey asks players about their skill level in Mass Effect and how long or how much depth they have with the series.

Another question asks players exactly what part of the game they like most, ranging from Mass Effect's story, exploration, combat and customization. In addition to this, the survey requests users to elaborate further on what aspects of Mass Effect they like most. It's very unlikely that anyone will say Mass Effect 3's ending.

The survey continues to ask questions like how many hours are put into gaming a week as well as the top three things that players enjoy the most out of role-playing games. Some of the choices include engaging in combat, exploring story outcomes, customization, leveling up and micromanaging skills to name some of them.

Right now, there still isn't much known about Mass Effect 4, other than that the game apparently won't be called Mass Effect: Origins and that the game still doesn't have a title. Nevertheless, Pete did put together a list of things he and other fans would love to see from the upcoming game.

Mass Effect 4 is kind of coming in with a bit of baggage based on EA's current corporate antics. The company's goodwill that they built up during the release of Battlefield 3 and pretty much everything leading up to the release of Battlefield 4 (sans all the post-launch chaos). That's not to mention that there are some people who still have ill-will toward Bioware over all the fan dismissal that took place during the ending scandal.

Mass Effect 4 is expected to make some sort of appearance at the upcoming SDCC, and what's more is that it's already been listed on Amazon. We'll keep you posted on more info for the game as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can check out the survey that Bioware is hosting for the game by checking out the link over on Survey Monkey.

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