Blacklight: Retribution For PS4 Gets New Mode, Maps Today

Blacklight: Retribution fans on the PlayStation 4 are set to enjoy a hefty update today as developers introduce the console version of this free-to-play FPS to a new game mode, new maps, matchmaking improvements and more.

Basically, what players are looking at is the new content added about a year ago to the PC version of Retribution in the Onslaught Mode update. Zombie Studios’ Kael Hammond recently dished details for today’s update on the PlayStation 4, saying that this patch for the console beta promises to offer up loads of new content for players to enjoy.

“This patch includes too many things to list here, so we’ll stick to the really, really good stuff, the first of which is the introduction of our cooperative game mode, Onslaught,” Hammond said in the announcement.

In Onslaught, players team up to take on endless hordes of infected enemies. We’re talking dozens of fast-moving enemies, all just begging to get pumped full of lead, set on fire or blown to pieces by a well-placed grenade.

“Each wave and enemy type will force you to adapt as the threat changes,” Hammond continued. “If you bank too heavily on fortifying one area, you might find yourself overrun. But if you remain too light and mobile, you may not have the heavy firepower you need to punch through what comes next.”

Along with the game’s horde mode will come a pair of new maps for players to turn to rubble. First up is Decay, which Hammond describes as a slum fortress with multiple elevations set across ruined buildings. Metro, on the other hand, is an abandoned subway station full of narrow corridors and flanking points.

Private matches have also been added to the PS4 Blacklight: Retribution universe, allowing players to set up their own matches, with their own rules, and invite their friends in to enjoy the action. While clan settings have not yet been added, this should at least give those planning on forming a specialized group a chance to get together and learn the game better without a bunch of randos running around.

Matchmaking improvements are also a big part of today’s update, which should make it easier for players to find a game, jump in and get to playing with as little hassle as humanly possible.

Finally, as with any major patch, there will be a smorgasbord of game optimizations tweaks in today’s update. If you’ve got a least favorite bug hindering your good time, chances are it’ll be addressed following today’s patch.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.