If you still haven't gotten into Diablo 3's beta, you may finally get your chance. With a little over a month to go until the game's launch, Blizzard is adding 275,000 players to the test.

Notification e-mails for the beta invite will be sent out gradually. To find out whether you've got an invite, it's quicker to just log into the Battle.net account. The beta will show up under your Games list.

To play Diablo 3, you'll need a BattleTag. BattleTags are account-wide nicknames that allow you to chat with friends across different games. It's similar to Real ID, except that you don't have to reveal your real name or e-mail address to your friends. There's currently no way to change your BattleTag after you've chosen it so pick carefully.

"Keep in mind that with such a large amount of invites for our test hardware we fully expect a strong possibility of stress test issues, such as an inability to log in, disconnections, and potential lag/latency," said Blizzard of the wave of invites. "We’ll also be testing our queuing system ,which you may see when attempting to enter a game."

D3's beta launched this fall. We had a chance to check it out and you can read our impressions here. Hint: we liked it.

Diablo 3 will launch worldwide on May 15th.

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