Book Of Eli Video Game Possible

Denzel Washington flick The Book of Eli hit theaters last week and was not accompanied by a crappy game adaptation. However, there's a chance that a game could be made somewhere down the line.

"That's not being considered on a serious level. They may want to explore that now that the film has proven itself commercially," Eli screenwriter Gary Whitta told GamePro. "It's difficult when it's not a big franchise like Harry Potter or something where they know they can guarantee there's going to be a built-in audience."

Alright, he seems pretty pessimistic there but he ends the subject on a hopeful note: "They want to put the movie out there first and see how people respond and then if there's a big response, maybe they'll follow up with other things down the road. Now that the movie has been a big hit, maybe that's something that they'll want to explore. We had a couple of preliminary discussions about what a game could be, what it might be, but we haven't really dove into it."

If you're not familiar with the film, I'll clumsily summarize: Denzel Washington travels post-apocalyptic America and kills lots of people with a sword. Great games have been built on worse concepts.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.