Breath Of Fire 4 PSN Release Date Announced

Capcom's about to release one of their retro RPG's via PlayStation Network. They confirmed today that the re-release of Breath of Five IV is just a couple weeks away.

On the Capcom Unity forums, senior vice president Christian Svensson said that BOF4 will be released through the North American PSN on August 16th. PSN will mark the occasion by putting BOF avatars on sale. The price of the game wasn't mentioned.

Breath of Fire IV stars Ryu, a young man with amnesia and the ability to transform into a dragon. He must travel across the world to stop a newly resurrected emperor from regaining his throne. Ryu is assisted on his quest by a diverse cast of characters, including a princess and robot.

One of the big new features BFIV added to the series was a Combo System. If certain skills or abilities were cast in order, it enhanced or changed their effects in some way. For example, if you cast two fire spells in a row, the second spell will hit twice. Casting an Earth spell and then a Water spell will result in a spell with both Earth and Water damage. The system sort of turned you into a mad scientist, constantly experimenting with spells to find powerful combos.

BOFIV was first released for the PSOne in 2000. It eventually made its way to the PC as well, but only in Europe and Japan. The PSN debut, then, would be the first re-release of the game here in North America - good news for those of you not looking to fork over big bucks for the original PSOne discs.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.