In case you still haven't managed to take a peek at the Destiny gameplay footage revealed during E3 a couple of weeks back, the team over at Bungie have swept in to save the day, recreating the live demo with team member voice chat and HD footage.

The folks responsible for the Halo series have decided to expand their horizons with their latest game, Destiny offering players a persistent world, MMO features, co-op play and a massive galaxy to explore.

You may remember this particular demo from the Sony E3 press conference. Or perhaps you read our coverage of the behind-closed-doors demo for the game, which featured the exact same section of gameplay and dialogue from those playing the game. Well, in case you missed all of that, here's your third chance to take in all of the epic space shooting goodness Destiny has to offer. Unless I'm going crazy, some things about the gameplay appear to be changed between the three versions of this gameplay that I've seen, so at least we know the team is actually playing the game rather than trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Just a word of warning: The dialogue is pretty terrible. Just like at the Sony show and E3 floor show, the team is working off of a script in order to give players an idea of the type of banter they might be sharing while playing the game. It would have come off less cardboard sounding had they just recorded several sessions of actual gameplay and spliced together the best organic dialogue that sprang from that but, hey, silly banter is easy to overlook when the game itself looks this good. Get ready for 12 minutes of pew-pew-pew.

In case you're wondering why the team at Bungie would release yet another version of their demo, it's because said video is being used to kick off Bungie Day over at Over on the PlayStation Blog, Community Manager DeeJ explains the meaning of the celebration.

“Each year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, we take a moment to thank the members of our community for their passion and enthusiasm for our games,” he said. Wait! That's Today! “We'll be releasing Destiny goodies all week long, and you're invited to the party. If you intend to join us for Destiny, now is a great time to register.”

You can complete said registration on the above linked Bungie website. Otherwise, that Blog post is also worth checking out, as DJ provides a bunch of extra details via replies in the comments section, including the emphasis on cooperative play, the game's “rich narrative,” and the fact that the game was running on dev kits, so what you see is what you can expect to get once Destiny arrives on next generation consoles.

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