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It's not all doom and gloom for one of the gaming outlets that's been on the chopping block under the Future Publishing label. The video game news outlet will continue to operate, only they'll be doing so with only half their staff in tow.

MCV is reporting that the five-man staff at CVG will be reduced down to a three-man team and they will receive content support from the U.S., and Australia outlets.

So why the sudden change? Future had already proposed the shutdown of CVG, Edge Online and many other top brand name gaming outlets, so why retract the intentions now? Well, according to MCV, all the strong reactions to the news about Computer and Videogames shutting down caused and outpouring of support from the community. It's easily one of the most respected gaming publications in the history of the business, and the 30 year tenure in the market saw a lot of angel investors step forward in an attempt to purchase the brand.

Future wisely decided to hold off on shutting down the site as they reevaluate their measures. However, this will only stay in effect up until December, after that point it all goes up in the air once more, with MCV writing...
“A high number of media brands had tried to acquire CVG, which has also convinced Future it is a brand worth keeping alive.

“The business will then review the website's performance in December.”

It seems like it would be a far more difficult job to continue on when you lose two key members of the staff and you have a looming axe overhead just waiting to come chopping down across your neck. It's not a matter of 'if' but a matter of 'when'.

CVG, Edge Online and the Official Magazines for the game consoles aren't the only ones who have been on the chopping block recently. Other sites such as 1Up, UGO and GamePro have also shutdown, along with Nintendo Power.

The closure of many of these game sites are as surprising as they are unsurprising. In some regards it's like the changing of the old-guard, however, these magazines and online outlets represent some of the most well respected sources for information, news, reviews and announcements regarding some of the biggest (and sometimes the smallest) video games on the market or coming to the market.

While some sites could claim to be running over the budget, it seems odd that a site like CVG – with a staff of five people handling most of the content – was unable to sustain itself. As mentioned, CVG is one of the most well-respected websites and gaming magazines within the entire industry.

It's definitely a sign of the changing times when someone like PewDiePie can bring in an annual profit of $4 million from ad revenue alone, while on the opposite end of the spectrum the well-written and well-produced content from a major gaming outlet can barely sustain itself.

Tough times.

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