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Next month, the final issue of Nintendo Power will arrive on newsstands. Issue #285 of the gaming magazine, like the very first issue, will have a cover article based on Mario.

The cover art for Issue #285 is a clay image of Mario bouncing off of a Goomba, while Bowser lurks in the background. The scene should look awfully familiar to long-time readers of the mag. It was inspired by the cover of Issue #1, as you can see in the comparison images below.

Nintendo Power debuted in 1998. It was managed by Nintendo themselves until 2007, at which point they handed over the reins to Future Publishing. In August, Nintendo revealed that they were not renewing their contract with Future, effectively killing the magazine.

Issue #285 will feature a 20-page review of New Super Mario Bros. U. It will also run down the greatest games of all time on Nintendo platforms. The farewell issue will also look back at the magazine's 25 years.

The issue should be arriving in subscribers' mailboxes in the coming days. It'll hit newsstands on December 11th.

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