Activision provided a lengthy gameplay demo of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare during Microsoft's E3 press conference. The video showed a mission called "Induction" from the game's campaign.

The player is a U.S. Marine deployed into Seoul, South Korea. His squad makes its way through the besieged city with the help of advanced technology. For example, they can survive drops of hundreds of feet thanks to their armor. They can also leap great distances, vertically or horizontally.

Some other futuristic tech makes an appearance in the video. The soldiers' sonic grenades let them spot enemies even when hiding behind cover. Mechs and spider-tanks provide heavy fire support.

The player's enemies have some stunning gadgets at their disposal too. About five minutes into the trailer, the Marines encounter aerial drones swarming like bats. The squad's forced to pull the doors off cars and use them as makeshift shields to advance.

In spite of their futuristic tech, the Marines aren't invulnerable. A squadmate tries to plant an explosive in an aircraft when the doors unexpectedly slam closed on his arm. The player is forced to watch hopelessly as the aircraft takes off and explode, killing his comrade.

If that wasn't somber enough of an end for you, shrapnel from the explosion then hits the player character. When another soldier drags him to safety, we can clearly see his/our severed arm sitting there in a pool of blood.

Missing limb in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Lovely. I'd be more depressed by the amputation if I didn't think this guy was going to get a sweet robot arm within five minutes, though.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will launch on November 4th worldwide. The game's in development at Sledgehammer Games for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game's coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 as well but it's being handled by a different studio.

Advanced Warfare's DLC will debut first on Xbox One and Xbox 360. If past games are any indication, gamers on other platforms will have to wait an additional 30 days for these DLC packs.

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