Treyarch is on the verge of fully revealing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's zombie co-op mode to the world. To tease this unveiling, they've released a short video that shows one very beat-up bus.

The bus is rusted to hell and has boards over its windows. It rolls up to a seemingly abandoned bus stop. Devastation along the street shows that the zombie apocalypse is in full swing.

In the last six seconds of the trailer, things get more exciting. A horde of zombies begin to chase the bus and claw at its sides. One of them manages to pry a board off a window before the video ends.

In Call of Duty zombie co-op, players are typically defending a building from waves of zombies. This trailer appears to indicate that players' safe haven this time around is a moving bus. That seems like a claustrophobic setting for a map, but no doubt there will be twists and turns throughout the level. For example, maybe the players will have to hop off the bus to flip a switch for a drawbridge or gather gasoline or whatever.

The trailer says that a full trailer will be revealed on September 26th.

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