Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Trailer Introduces Its Cyberpunk Setting

After two weeks of anticipation, Call of Duty fans are finally getting a glimpse at Black Ops III. Though, this particular trailer raises more questions than it answers.

Activision's latest video gives players a glimpse into the game's setting, along with some narrative elements. But it reveals very little about the actual storyline or how the game will fit into the Black Ops universe.

Check it out for yourself:

Judging from the trailer, Black Ops III will be set in some kind of Terminator-esque future where biometric technology is getting out of hand. Ordinary citizens have access to a boatload of ability-enhancing devices—wealthy people are even getting high-tech organ replacements because it's fashionable. But the military's technology far more worrisome. Apparently it's "light years" ahead of the consumer counterparts, and the government is using this tech to "literally turn humans into weapons."

So, that sounds bad, right?

I couldn't help but notice the similarities between Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III. Both narratives are centered around the creation of super soldiers and, according to the trailer, BO3's storyline takes place in 2065, which is only five years later than Advanced Warfare's setting.

Now, considering how often the Call of Duty franchise is accused of recycling the same content, the fan base is probably already feeling a little skeptical.

To be fair, though, we know very little about this game. Even if it does feel similar to Advanced Warfare, we've only been given a three-minute glimpse at the game's setting. We don't know anything about how the narrative will tie into the previous Black Ops titles. And until we know how that's going to work, it's tough to judge.

black ops 3

However, we probably won't hear much about Black Ops III over the next few weeks, but as we get closer to E3, Activision will start ramping up its marketing. We still haven't seen any actual game play or heard anything about the game's zombie mode. So, we can probably expect a steady stream of small announcements until the game is released.

Activision has Call of Duty's marketing down to a science these days. Every spring teasers and trailers slowly find their way onto the Internet, with the biggest reveal happening during E3. The title is typically released in mid-November, followed by an avalanche of DLC.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.