Cancelled Kingdom Hearts Game Had Star Wars, Frozen Characters

Try not to moan in ultimate sorrow too loudly, crossover fans, because it looks like a Kingdom Hearts game was headed to mobile a couple of years ago that included content from both the Star Wars universe as well as Disney’s most recent animated blockbuster, Frozen...And then it got cancelled.

In case you’ve somehow missed out on the fan-fic come to life known as Kingdom Hearts, it’s a series of games that blends an original tale with worlds and characters from familiar Square Enix and Disney universes. Players might run into Cloud one minute and then help Ariel save the ocean the next. After buying items from a moogle, you could join Jack Skellington in Halloween Town. The series began as a pair of PS2 offerings and later made the leap to the Game Boy, PlayStation Portable and, as an HD remake, even ventured onto the PlayStation 3.

With Square Enix announcing Kingdom Hearts 3 a couple of years ago and slowly trickling out new information concerning the game ever since, we know that a new series entry is on the way. According to a recent report from IGN, though, it looks like a new Kingdom Hearts game could have actually arrived on mobile by now, had it not been cancelled.

According to the original story, concept art from the iOS/Android Kingdom Hearts game has made its way to the internet and, within it, folks have discovered images depicting both the Star Wars franchise and the musical hit, Frozen. The game was reportedly called Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys, and it was in the early stages of development back in 2013. There’s no word on what type of game Fragmented Keys would have been or why it got cancelled, especially since Square Enix seems pretty keen on creating more games for the mobile market and I imagine a new Kingdom Hearts title would have sold like mad.

I was originally pretty bummed about this revelation, but then I got to thinking: Maybe this is actually great news. The game was being worked on and cancelled in 2013, which is around the time we got official word that Kingdom Hearts 3 is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It stands to reason, then, that Square Enix and Disney could have decided to save this pair of heavy hitters for the next big console release, rather than offer it up on mobile.

Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, the Marvel Universe and, heck, even Pixar, my mind has been reeling with the types of worlds and characters that could be plugged into a new Kingdom Hearts game. I’m sure there’s some licensing nightmares to work through, but here’s to still holding out hope that some of those properties, along with recent Disney hits like Frozen, pop up in the new game.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.