City of Heroes is shutting down. Paragon Studios, the developer who works on City of Heroes is also shutting down. NCSoft has made it pretty clear. However, in spite of the sad news fans and gamers alike have come together to show a sign of appreciation and good gesture for the eight years that City of Heroes has been in service by treating the developers to dinner.

According to Massively [via Kotaku] fans of City of Heroes has banded together to show some serious appreciation for the game that kept them entertained for years. On the City of Heroes forum board gamers rallied together and tallied up $1,000 to treat the developers of Paragon Studios to one of their favorite restaurants.

A short while ago hundreds of players came together to pose for one epic photograph that managed to create appreciation, smiles and a few gamer-tears. Additional in-game events are also scheduled as City of Heroes players get in their final kicks before the MMO shuts its doors for good.

In the meantime other gamers are still trying to rally support in hopes of saving City of Heroes/Villains by gaining support via an online petition. Yeah, yeah, “lulz @ interweb petitions”. Still, the community support has managed 18,693 signatures, so that's quite a bit but obviously not enough to justify keeping the game open and alive. Even with 25,000 supporters it seems like a stretch to change NCSoft's plans to shutdown the superhero MMO game(s).

You can learn more about the kind gesture of sending the Paragon Studio devs to dinner over at the City of Heroes forum boards. You can sign the petition to help keep the game alive over at the Official Petition Page.

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