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The coolest trailers of 2010 is at an end in the world of interactive gaming and the final trailer in this year's line-up of coolest game trailers of 2010 wraps with the cinematic category in our recognition for the digital entertainment media trailer arena. So without further ado, the coolest cinematic game trailer of 2010, and not by a long-shot, is Sony Online Entertainment's 'Who Do you Trust?' trailer for DC Universe Online.

The reason I say that this trailer doesn’t take the cake by a long-shot is because it was closely followed by a few other nominees, including the very thought-provoking Singularity 'Cause and Effect' cinematic trailer featuring the awesome song "Stormbreaker" from Vasco and Paul Reeves. And let’s not forget about the extended GDC cinematic that played early in the year for Bethesda’s upcoming action title, Brink, which was composed of amazing parkour stunts and dynamic shootouts.

Nevertheless, the head honcho for this year’s cinematic game trailer is undoubtedly DC Universe Online and it wasn’t like this was just a simple run-of-the-mill trailer. Blur Studio put a heck of a lot of time and detail into this “Here’s what happens…” trailer featuring one huge showdown between DC's heroes and villains in an all out brawl to the death. Of equal importance is a play-by-play commentary from the director of the sequence in a neat behind-the-scenes video that’s also worth checking out. For those of you who just came here to see that awesome cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online again, it’s below. Enjoy.

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