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What makes a game video worthy of being awarded the coolest creative trailer of the year? Well, it has to be different, unique, original and most importantly…creative. There were a few trailers that broke the mold and went with something entirely different from the standard mold.

While trailers like “Deliver Hope” or Brink’s GDC cinematic trailer set some pretty high standards to provide gamers with an entertaining and gripping experience of what to expect from their respective games, Perfect World Entertainment went with an entirely alternate route during their presentation and unveiling of their upcoming period-piece MMO, Swordman Online. In addition to having an onstage martial arts demo going, the trailer itself to help introduce gamers to the new MMO was more of an artistic collaboration of music and graphic art designs fused with brief, poignant animations to help fill out the rest of the trailer. Creative much? Definitely.

You might call it the 2010 art-house trailer for gaming, but it definitely deserves a nod for doing something original, despite being presented entirely in Chinese. Nevertheless, Swordman faced some stiff, really stiff competition from The Superhero’s funny and pseudo-melodramatic piece, as well as EA’s hilariously creative “World Tour” trailer for Army of Two: The 40th Day. Nevertheless, it was Swordman Online’s “Calligraphy” trailer that really stood out among the other trailers this year and that’s why it deserves a spot on this year’s list. Other “coolest of” trailers can be viewed below along with Swordman Online’s Calligraphy trailer.

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