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There were plenty of awesome gameplay trailers released throughout the year, showcasing a number of interactive features gamers would be able to partake in when the game finally hit the retailer shelf. But there can only be one that stands out above and beyond the rest. And the coolest gameplay trailer of 2010 has to go to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II’s Soul of a Jedi trailer, depicting an excellent mixture of cinematic storytelling and in-game combat and adventure.

The choice for coolest gameplay trailer of the year was no easy task, though. This came down between a neck-and-neck battle with that remarkably motivating and amped-up God of War: Ghost of Sparta Redemption trailer, which featured an equally massive amount of heart pounding gameplay footage as well. Nevertheless, the Soul of a Jedi trailer delivered more intensity and story intrigue than what the actual game did. Quite sad, really, given that it seemed like a good opportunity to explore the mythos of the Star Wars universe between Episodes 3 and 4.

Still, what the actual game lacked in quality and canon continuity, the trailer more than makes up for it by at least tantalizing gamers’ senses with plenty of sharp dialogue, a steady build-up of action and plenty of scenes that would tempt even the most anti-Star Wars gamer to consider picking up the controller.

Where Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II failed to deliver what many gamers were expecting from the title, at least anyone can always come back to this trailer – one of the coolest of the year – and relish in the well-made, and extremely intense display of raw emotion from Sam Witwier’s portrayal of Starkiller.

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