What makes a good tradeshow trailer? Well, it has to ensure that everyone going in to see the game comes away as nothing else but impressed with the game. This means that a good tradeshow trailer has to represent the company in a positive light at whatever event it's being aired and at the same time, entice gamers and the press to keep the game relevant in the gaming circles.

This category here didn't require a whole lot of deliberation. I mean, there was only one tradeshow trailer this year that just completely stole the show and was just as memorable throughout the entire year leading up to the release of the game and that's the Uncharted 3 E3 2011 trailer.

Let's be honest, though, just about every trailer for Uncharted 3 was phenomenal. The game was a great piece of creative entertainment, enabling gamers to experience award-worthy action adventure that spanned the globe, with plenty of interactive thrill-rides, twists and great acting from a top-notch pool of industry talent headed up by Nolan North. While Skyrim took home the Spike TV 2011 VGA Game of the Year award, Uncharted 3 certainly deserves plenty of nods as the pinnacle of a AAA console game this generation.

The 2011 E3 event was definitely better for having this awesome trailer air during the Sony PlayStation press conference. If you somehow managed to miss the trailer check it out below and see why it deserves the honor of being the coolest tradeshow trailer of 2011.

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