The annual Spike TV VGAs rarely ever receives positive feedback but one thing many gamers tune into the show for are the awesome trailer reveals. Each and every year big publishers let loose some awesome game trailers to help promote upcoming or newly revealed AAA titles. This category helps celebrate the eye-catching trailers of the VGAs.

While a few of the trailers released during this year's Spike Video Game Awards really came through with great appeal, only two trailers brought the "Wow" factor and those trailers are The Last of Us and Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance. Out of the two, The Last of Us has a more memorable effect.

Even though most people will say "Aw, but this is just another zombie game", let me correct you in saying that this is not just another mindless shoot-e'm-up, you'll be facing off against vegetable-zombies, with an Ellen Page look-a-like hanging off your side. That should warrant some excitement for sure.

The trailer itself lends a lot of its intrigue to its minimalist approach to the survivalists' situation. You don't see a whole lot and there isn't a bustling explosion of action at every corner....instead, Naughty Dog gives us a brief introduction to two survival-worn individuals just trying to...survive. The desperation is what drives the emotion and the realism is what keeps it all interesting. The heroes don't have unlimited ammo and weapons don't seem to be available at every turn -- this gives gamers a reason to think about the scenario and not just settle for blasting open every vegetable-zombie they come across with a shotgun.

And while the setting itself isn't much of an exercise on anything philosophical, at least it treads into the realm of being a video game version of I Am Legend, except with vegetable-zombies. Given that the scenario is pretty much uncharted territory in a video game and the trailer leaves gamers with a lot to question and even more to look forward to, that alone makes it the coolest VGA trailer of 2011.

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