Today Microsoft revealed details on the first Crackdown 2 DLC. It's called Toy Box and comes with both free and premium content.

The premium content will cost 560 MS Points. If you don't purchase this content, you'll still get access to the new gadgets and vehicles if you're in a multiplayer match with a friend who does own it. Here's what you get for your money.
  • Two New Vehicles*: Access two new vehicles: the wall climbing aquatic mini-tank called the Agency ATV and the Squad Chopper, which allows four players to jump in and man their own weapon, including the proximity mine launcher, precision rocket launcher, twin machine guns and nose machine gun.
  • Five New Toys*: Whether you're soaring to greater heights or orchestrating a massive explosion, get creative with the following new toys: The Mass Driver (turreted gravity bending weapon), Portable Launch Pads (allows Agents to create their own launch pad jumps), Stickler Grenade (bouncing grenade that sets off smaller explosive charges as it bounces), Thrusters (allow vertical thrust), and Mags on Characters (allow Mag Grenades to be attached to characters).
  • Two Avatar Awards: Deck your Agent in the latest gear. Toy Box offers two Avatar Awards to customize your Xbox LIVE Avatar with the Xbox Green Suit (must complete the Rocketeer Achievement) and Green Helmet.
  • 10 New Achievements: Pacific City never sleeps and neither do the exploits. Industrious Agents will be rewarded with 10 new Achievements and 250 Gamerscore:
    • Beyond the Infinite
    • Run Get to the Chopper
    • Rocketeer
    • Tac Loc Takedown
    • Burnt Offerings
    • Mile High Club
    • Never Give It Up
    • One Careful Driver
    • Wing a Ding Ding
    • Hung Out To Dry
  • Eight Agent Suit Colours: Pick up eight new shades of in-game armour for your Agent:
    • Peacekeeper
    • Terror Firma
    • Agent Orange
    • May Contain Nuts
    • Minti-Sting
    • Mega Agent
    • Haz Mat
    • Dem Apples
The free content available to all with an Internet connection is as follows:
  • Keys to the City: Made notorious in the first Crackdown expansion as the ultimate cheat mode, Keys to the City returns to Crackdown 2 and puts an even bigger set of tools at your disposal, including God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, spawning of weapons, gadgets and more, the ability to freeze the time of day, and pushing all skills to the maximum to become faster, stronger and more lethal.
  • Level 6 Reward: Fans who reach Level 6 on all Agent skills will be rewarded with the new Thruster Ability. Thruster Ability is like having jetpacks for your boots, giving Agents built-in vertical propulsion to activate flying with the Wingsuit no matter where you are in the game.
  • Vehicle Tag*: Once you’re done taking down the Freaks and the Cell, join your friends for a thrilling new multiplayer mode where up to eight Agents can compete in these six arenas: Speed is the Quay, Industrial Action, Maim Street, Skid Row, Beachhead and The Sum of Human Knowledge.

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