Crash Bandicoot Revealed For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

You can file this one under “Rumor” for the time being, but yet another alleged PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale screenshot is making its way around the internet, this time revealing Crash Bandicoot as a possible playable character for Sony's upcoming mash-up brawler.

Rumors and speculation are the lifeblood of the video games industry. Everyone loves to speculate on what Call of Duty's next DLC will offer, how many hours the next Assassin's Creed's campaign will last, or what additional changes are being made to this year's Madden. Somewhere along the line, a screencap or a supposed quote from a “studio insider” pops up, fueling that fire until it's burning as hot as the Earth's core.

Gaming Blend recently reported on the release of several supposedly leaked screenshots highlighting additional playable characters and levels from Battle Royale. Developer Superbot Entertainment eventually acknowledged the leaks, saying they were “unexpected and unintended.”

Well, yet another screenshot appears to be originating from the Battle Royale internal beta, this time showing a glimpse of one of Sony's oldest mascots, Crash Bandicoot.

While Superbot has made no comment on this new rumor, my thoughts are that the picture is legitimate. I'm no photoshop whiz, but that would be some might fine work if it is a forgery. Not to mention that the character mug is featured at the bottom of the screen, which would have been extra unnecessary work is someone was just out to fake the whole thing. In short, it looks a little to perfect to be anything but legitimate.

But that's just my opinion. What do you readers think? Is this an unofficial reveal or does someone simply have far too much free time on their hands?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.