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Crysis 3 Trailer Released, Gameplay Video Coming Tuesday

Last night GameTrailers TV aired the very first trailer for shooter Crysis 3. It's not a long trailer but it's better than the average teaser. Instead of just showing us a logo and a date, it provides us with a look at Prophet, his new bow, and his latest mission.

Crysis 3, announced earlier in the week, returns to New York City. The Cell Corporation has constructed a Nanodome over the city that has changed the environment inside. Manhattan's basically now one big urban jungle. Prophet ventures inside the dome to investigate.

One of the new weapons introduced in the game is a composite bow. The initial announcement of the game mentioned that it had special attachments, which makes sense. A guy in a multimillion dollar nanosuit isn't going to walk around with a simple bow and arrow. If nothing else, though, this weapon should allow Prophet to be stealthier than usual.

The first gameplay trailer for Crysis 3 is due on Tuesday. The game itself will arrive in Spring 2013. Crytek is developing C3 for the same platforms as the previous entry in the series: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

If the teaser below doesn't satisfy your hunger, check out the screenshots from Monday.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.