Kalypso Media released some new screenshots of their upcoming, action-stealth vampire game, DARK. The new shots showcase the lead character grimacing into the camera as well as the lead character opening a can of kick-butt on some of the high-tech baddies.

The new shots show off what looks like an armored van with UV lights, presumably the same kind Blade used to burn up vampires even while at night. There's also a shot of a device guarded by a few soldiers, which makes me question if it's some sort of UV-light emitting bomb or something?

One of the more interesting screenshots show off the game's talk-wheel. Indicating that there's a little bit of a Mass Effect dialogue vibe going on...or at least, we can hope that there's a bit of a Mass Effect dialogue vibe going on.

The game's look and atmosphere are already setting it apart from a lot of other titles out there, and the greenish hue certainly separates it from the other brownish-gray games that have been flooding the mainstream space. You can check out the new screenshots for the game below, or visit the Official Website to learn more.

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