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For all of you brave souls out there shaking your groove thang on a regular basis courtesy of Dance Centeral 3, you might want to stop dropping it like it’s hot for a moment and take a seat; we have some bad news. It looks like March will be the final month Harmonix will be bringing out new DLC for the game “for the near future.”

For rhythm game fans in the audience, this might feel a little bit like déjà vu. Last month we reported on a similar story stating that Harmonix will be wrapping up DLC for Rock Band come April 2. For those who believed you “can’t stop the rock,” well, it looks like Apollo 440 was lying to you this entire time.

Harmonix made the announcement official on the Dance Central 3 blog, saying that, after building up a library of more than 200 songs across three games, March will be the last month for new content being added to the rump-shakingest game on the market.

“As Harmonix moves forward with several new titles currently in development, the talented developers who make this content are needed on other projects,” reads the blog post. “with the Dance Central DLC team moving around, this month will be the last DLC for Dance Central 3 for the near future. We’ll still be hard at work supporting the community with updated Live Challenges and leaderboard, and the Music Store will still be up and running for you to grab any routines you might have missed.”

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