Realmforge Studios has released a new trailer for their vampire action game Dark just in time for GDC. This trailer demonstrates many of the supernatural powers that the main character Eric Bane wields in the game.

Dark is billed as stealth-action so many of the abilities allow players to be sneaky. They can see enemy's heat signatures through walls to keep track of patrolling guards. The player can also change into mist to leap from cover to cover. To throw guards off their trail, they can create a phantom noise in a far corner of the room.

If need be, the player can take the fight to his enemies. A "shadow grip" ability allows them to pick up a foe and slam them to the ground. Vampires have superhuman strength as well, so they can kill humans with their bare hands. They can also regenerate any lost health.

The third-person perspective and stealth-action gameplay gives it a Deus Ex: Human Revolution vibe. Just based on the footage released so far, though, I'm not convinced the game will be on DX's level. It remains to be seen whether the game has the richness of story or diversity of gameplay necessary to make it stand out.

Dark is in development for the Xbox 360 and PC, according to the official website.

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