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GameLoft has revealed that they're working on a mobile game based on the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. While licensed games always deserve a healthy dose of skepticism, the Rises game doesn't look half-bad.

The first trailer shows a few bits of gameplay footage. The game's apparently a 3D brawler, with Batman pummeling thugs throughout the streets of Gotham. The fights bear at least a passing resemblance to Arkham City's combat, due to the combo moves and random bits of slow-mo.

Because, this is a mobile game, you shouldn't expect anything on the scale of Arkham City. Still, the production values seem high. This isn't just some 8-bit side-scroller someone threw together in an afternoon; the developers look like they gave a crap. With all the money being spent on the film, I'm glad at least a bit of cash was reserved for making sure the tie-in game doesn't suck.

The end of the trailer states that we can expect the Dark Knight Rises game to arrive on iOS and Android this summer. It'll probably arrive around July 20th, the day that the film launches.

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