Kalypso Media has released another trailer from their vampiric stealth-action game Dark. The focus of this video is on the stealth side of the game, with ample footage of the sneaky things players can do in the game.

Perhaps the most basic (and important) ability in Eric Bane's repertoire is Vampire Vision. When activated, this allows him to see enemies through walls. It should greatly reduce the chances of you blindly running into a guard.

If you'd rather not fight an enemy, there are various ways to avoid detection. You can use Distract to create a decoy that will occupy their attention while you slip by. You can quickly move through environments with a Nightcrawler-like Shadow Leap or the speed boost Celerity.

As screenshots and the GDC trailer have shown, though, you don't need to be a complete ghost. You can also attack enemies when needed. The Shadow Kill ability allows Bane to instantly leap to the target and perform a melee takedown.

Dark will arrive this summer on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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