Darksiders 2 Is Over 25 Hours Long

Darksiders 2 won't be a game you can finish in an afternoon, according to Vigil Games. Creative manager Jeremy Greiner says that it'll take you at least 25 hours to finish the supernatural hack-and-slasher.

"Clocktime for an average playthrough is really hard to put a finger on right now since we’re going through finalisation. But I’d say easily the critical path is gonna be 25 plus hours,” Greiner told VG247.

He adds that the game has a ton of side content. It's larger than the first Darksiders, though not only in terms of content. Greiner says that the visuals have a more epic scale as well.

The downside to making such a huge game is that it takes longer to wrap up development. Vigil Games had to ask THQ for additional time in order to polish everything to a shine. The release date was ultimately pushed from late June to August.

A campaign that's over 25 hours long, not counting side content, sounds just fine to me. That sort of length is rare outside of the role-playing game genre these days. The God of War games, perhaps the closest match to the Darksiders series, each take about 10-12 hours to finish.

If you're looking to make Darksiders 2 even longer, research the pre-order bonuses for your country. For example, here in North America, GameStop is offering customers a "Death Rides" DLC Pack. "Death Rides" is said to add about two hours' worth of new side quests.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.