THQ recently confirmed a delay for Darksiders II from its initial late June launch into August. Now, an exact release for the sequel has been announced.

The game is currently scheduled for a release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 21st, 2012 (via ET). Unlike other summer titles, it'll be launching worldwide on said date. Perhaps this is a method taken by THQ to better its chances of selling more copies due to a nationwide release.

Another method taken by the studio to potentially improve its commercial performance is offering a limited edition version of the game for all pre-orders. The Darksiders II Limited Edition entails a code for the title's first downloadable content pack, entitled the Arguls Tomb expansion. It'll become available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live a month after Darksiders II's retail launch.

Evidently, THQ is undoubtedly relying on Darksiders II to deliver solid sales figures as it's a title which could change the fortunes of the financially-troubled publisher. The original's sales surpassed the million mark but it'll need to exceed that figure considerably if the series were to continue.

"If Darksiders 2 does 1.3 million there won't be a third one. If it doesn't grow, it just won't support itself financially," said THQ EVP of Core Games Danny Bilson.

Originally scheduled for a June 26th release in North America, THQ delayed the game to allow developer Vigil Games "additional time for polish and bug fixing".

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