Whenever the Wii U launches, it will be accompanied by Darksiders 2. Lead designer Hayden Dalton confirmed that the third-person hack-and-slash game will be available for Nintendo's next console as soon as it arrives.

A small team at Vigil is working on ways to integrate the Wii U controller into the D2 experience.

"That's been very interesting to see what those guys are doing, and they're making efforts to make sure we do use it in more than a slapdash way," Dalton told Digital Spy. "It's basically the core game, but then with added abilities to do certain things that you can't do on the other consoles."

For example, the Wii U controller will allow you to switch out Death's equipment more quickly.

"One of the things that we did, when we were originally going to show it off, was that you could equip stuff directly. So, for instance, I could be running along and I could click on another piece and I could put it on as I'm running through the game," Dalton said.

The Wii U version is being developed alongside its Xbox 360, PS3 and PC counterparts. Those other three versions will arrive in June.

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