Day One Puts Gamers In The Shoes Of A Dying Man

Pendulo Studios, best known for the Runaway series, The Next Big Thing and their latest contribution to adventure gaming, Yesterday, have announced that they are working on a new project called Day One, which sees players taking on the role of a terminally ill man dealing with some serious life-threatening issues. Even more-so than his terminal illness.

The premise sounds very similar to Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, or at least in terms of being serious and weighty, with actual character development playing a major part in how the game comes together. You can check out the intro for the game to get a very slight feel of the tone of the game.

The game follows journalist Ethan who has less than a day to live. After he gets home he finds a pill and a note telling him that the pill will extend his life for an additional 24 hours and that he needs to head to Paris immediately (cue fond memories of the original Broken Sword).

Day One is laced with satirical comedy and dark humor. The game deals with very mature subject matter without letting go of the grounded comical roots that helped turn Pendulo into a recognized studio for point-and-click adventure games.

Day One is currently making use of the hybrid Gamesplanet model with partial crowd-source funding being an option to help move the development of the game along.

You can learn more about Pendulo Studios and the upcoming Day One by paying a visit to the Official Gamesplanet Page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.