In addition to adding German Shepard dogs, the latest patch for DayZ, the realistic zombie survivor mod for Arma II, will also have bear traps and other nifty additions. Lead designer Dean "Rocket" Hall also revealed that they're hoping to get a standalone out by September.

DayZ is a survival-horror in its primmest form. You have to eat, rest, avoid infections, keep an ample supply of water and you can only carry what you can carry; there are no bags of infinite space here. DayZ has pushed sales for Arma II to whole new heights in just nine weeks and the crazy part is that the mod is only in its alpha form. Rough around the edges is an understatement.

At the PC expo Rezzed, Hall talked to Digital Spy, saying...
"Kind of like Minecraft, the full release isn't necessarily the goal, the development itself that's the goal, and see where the idea goes, even if it reaches a full release or even if it does, I think we would probably want to expand on it."

"So the challenge there is to come up with enough features and content that people are happy to pay out €10, €15 for an additional product when they've already spent €20 on Arma II."

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the idea is to get the game into playable, standalone format by September. Right now the team is still making a number of fixes and updates on the current iteration of the game and patch 1.7.2 adds some nifty new fixes as well as bear traps...yes, bear traps. You can snag animals, zombies and players in bear traps. Crazy, eh?

Velocity Gamer has a rundown of the patch notes, which lists all the new additions to the game as well as a number of fixes, including no longer having to reload melee weapons to get them to work. Yeah, we all know how difficult it can be to chop a zombie's head off when you don't reload that axe.

For more information on DayZ be sure to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.

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