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Last week Deep Silver announced a mysterious new project called Dead Island: Riptide. Some thought it might merely be a remake of sorts but no, it's a brand-new adventure.

Deep Silver's Aubrey Norris clarified the matter on her twitter. I'm not really sure why people would think Riptide is a remake, considering that the company already announced a Game of the Year edition that includes the base game and all of its content. Maybe they just missed the GOTY edition announcement.

Perhaps some of the confusion stems from the fact that retailers are listing Riptide for $49.99, which is an uncommon price for new games this generation. Norris said that this price isn't just a placeholder; that's how much you'll actually have to pay for the game. She adds that this price makes sense because "it's the end of a console cycle." If only more companies thought that way.

Deep Silver has yet to announce anything about the contents of Riptide. Obviously you should expect to kill a lot of zombies, though. The first teaser image suggests that the game will have a tropical setting, much like the original Dead.

Also unknown is Riptide's release date. Norris' talk about the end of the console cycle makes me wonder if it'll be arriving in 2013, as that's when the next Xbox and PlayStation are expected to launch. Deep Silver promised that they'll announce more details this summer so we'll just have to hang tight until then.

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