Dead Island publisher Deep Silver revealed a follow-up to the open-world zombie game today. Dead Island Riptide is currently in development at Techland, the creators of the original, for consoles and PC.

Techland trademarked the term Dead World last fall so we assumed that would be the title of Dead Island's sequel. Not sure why they didn't go with that. Maybe they were concerned that the name wouldn't be recognized by fans of the first game?

Anyway, the title Dead Island Riptide reveals that we'll once again be trapped on an island with zombies. The logo, revealed through the first teaser image, shows a palm tree. In other words, don't expect to be fighting infected on an ice floe.

In Dead Island, a tropical island of Banoi was struck by an infection that turned most of the residents into rabid undead. It ended with the survivors escaping the island in a helicopter. While it's possible that Riptide could chronicle the journey of a new group of people that stumble upon Banoi, a new setting seems more likely. The end of Dead Island's DLC suggested that the virus was about to spread elsewhere in the world.

Deep Silver says that they plan to reveal more of Riptide later this summer. Because both Techland and Deep Silver are headquarted in Europe, it seems likely the game will make an appearance at the German convention gamescom.

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