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Deep Silver sent out new screenshots and concept art from zombie co-op adventure Dead Island Riptide today. These new assets reveal a fifth playable character for the game as well as one of the key locations.

The four survivors from the first Dead Island will be joined by John Morgan. Morgan is a hand-to-hand combat expert currently employed as a cook in the Navy. His fighting skills will come in handy once his ship arrives at the zombie-infested island of Palanai.

Henderson is a port town in Palanai. Like many of the settlements on the island, it's a luxurious location suited for rich tourists. While it may contain many supplies for the survivors, the town is bound to have a lot of zombies as well. To make matters worse, the streets are flooded due to a monsoon.

The new locations and new playable character are two of the major new features of Riptide. Deep Silver has also mentioned new "hub defense" missions and a dynamic weather system.

Riptide is in development for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Expect it to arrive next April.

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