Techland's open-world zombie game Dead Island seems to have made quite a splash this fall. In the past four months, the game has shipped over three million copies worldwide.

"Dead Island has sold very, very well over the holiday season and we are thrilled that it has sustained a robust level of sell-through since launch in September," Aubrey Norris, Manager of Marketing and PR for Deep Silver told Game Informer.

The exact sales figures aren't clear, though. When a game ships x amount of copies, that just means that they've been sent to retailers. The larger the amount of copies that ship, the better. However, it doesn't indicate how many copies were actually bought by gamers (the "sell-through" figure).

Dead Island takes place on the tropical island of Banoi. An infection breaks out and all but a handful of people are turned into rabid zombies. The player takes on the role of one of four characters and must fight off the hordes of zombies while also searching for a way to escape.

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