The deadliness of PlayStation Network exclusive Dead Nation just got a heck of a lot deadlier with the a new expansion to the Road to Devastation expansion (Yeah, you read that right), called Arcade mode.

Housemarque Games Designer Petsku made the announcement late yesterday afternoon through the PlayStation Blog, saying that the new mode would be available for download with the regular weekly update.

In Dead Nation, players control a pair of survivors as they tried to escape the city during a zombie outbreak. A top-down twin-stick shooter, players rely on quick reflexes and a wide arsenal of weaponry to trick, corral and straight-up murder countless shambling hordes. The original Road of Devastation DLC continued the story into a few extra chapters and, with Arcade mode, players will now have more reasons than ever to keep coming back for more undead slaughter.

If you already own Road of Devastation, Arcade mode will be added free of charge through a patch the next time you boot up the game.

Undead Nation is a pretty tough zombie blaster and, with Arcade mode, the Road of Devestation content is enhanced with the ability to be revived via checkpoints. That’s a good thing, as surviving to the end of the RoD challenges was something of a Herculean feat. Now you can just set your difficulty level and get to all that glorious killing, comforted by the knowledge that every time you die you’ll be brought back for more.

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